Victoria Beckham SS2013. Ms. Beckham is usually known for her Celebrity-fave sheath dresses and paperdoll cutout shapes. This time around, her Summer/Spring had VB lovers quite surprised. With softer silhouettes and high-waisted silk trousers the collection was a definite transformation for the brand. It gave Victoria a chance to revamp the label, from Posh Spice turned "Celebrity Designer" to Design Innovator. The collection showcased the cabapality of her creativity. With the collaboration of Manolo Blahniks, the designer created ready-to-wear sandals, but still oozed that "posh"chic.There was even a slight change in color palette, with pops of an elegant blood orange. All the while still staying true to her sleek tailored pieces. New and remaining buyers will not be disappointed in this agreeably smart fashion-foward collection. 


Zac Posen SS2013. Leave it To Zac to open a show with Naomi and close the show with her model protege Coco. Overall the collection looked like an ode to 50's structures and contours with a new-age twist of tailoring. The pieces had classic shapes but with milky navy's, porcelain whites and venetian hues. Grace Kelly could have worn the entirety of the collection, Cinderella as well. It was the best of both worlds, reality with fantasy. A fairytale of sorts.

Custo Barcelona SS2013. The "Rainforests Futuristic Woodstock" collection of NYFW. Every outfit that was showcased at this collection told a beautiful story and it expressed the playful and diverse side of fashion that so many designers dismiss. With the contrasting patterns, kaleidoscope colors, and fur on fringe, the pieces are artistry. Crochet and fur never looked so pleasing together. The designers choice of offbeat psychedelic prints suited the of 70's silhouettes of over-sized vests, tinted shades and contrasting fabrics.

 Alexander Wang SS2013. It was all about right angles and acute isosceles triangles for team Wang SS2013. Black and white attire was a must, and black lights were also in attendance. The what-seemed-to-be effortless tailoring of the structure clay jackets and symmetrical shirtdresses this young designer had the collection being buzzed about before the show even commenced. Not to mention the innovative presentation of glow-in-the-Wang, with models glowing a neon yellow, the dresses were showcased with a well-crafted eye. Media, buyers and bloggers were all able to perceive Alexanders pieces and just how intricate the tailoring and designs are.


Rebecca Minkoff SS2013 was all about saturated hues, whites and vibrant cobalt blues, along with boxy androgynous silhouettes, and patterned bell-bottom flashbacks of the 60's and 70's. The effortless style of Minkoffs designs were showcased with impeccable taste. The flirty ensembles of colors and shapes were breathtaking on the runway. From vests that resembled canvas watercolor paintings to hippie fringe trimmings, the entire collection was cohesive. Tranquil designs are perfect for a Spring/Summer collection post "Mayan Calender End". 


Jason Wu SS2013. Mr. Wu grasped the idea of monochramtic and far-surpassed a black and white tie affair. With what seemed to be a Spring/Summer Collection channelling an 1920's pin-up vibe. Jason created a beautiful array of leather detailing, high-waisted bottoms, and see-threw-just-about-everything. The performance (worthy of Gaga herself) pieces were a walk on the darker side for Jason Wu. He who seems to stick to flirty and feminine full-length tea-party gowns and silhouettes. Wu traded his talent for what lies underneath his usual collections. The clothes beyond the clothes, you could say. With numerous Oscar gown worthy pieces and a youthful spin on a black and white feature, Wu can be sure his collection is a NY favorite. 

Rag & Bone SS2013. David Neville and Marcus Wainwright. When it comes to Marcus and David's collections, they seem to always head straight towards their ever-so-predictable layering and combat style. However, with their most recent endeavour for Rag & Bone, they seemed to step away from the norm and try a little Italian silk and moto vests on for size. The collection had a quality of the nitty-gritty and will be a hit with many. Still staying true to simple styles and statement pieces made for another wearable and consumer approachable collection. Bloggers, buyers and beloved fans with all be eating up the new Rag&Bone vibe. Buying every piece would not be so far-fetched, for we know how the fashion suave love a avant-garde twist on a basic men's oxford or a unconventional detail on a fitted blazer.With everything from baggy khakis to ill-fitting cropped jackets (perfect over a silhouette of any sort) the collection was a success.

Prabal Gurung SS2013. Bondage meshed and lucid shoes, eccentric patterned silk, and feathered just-about-everywhere. With a very Cirque Du "Couture"essence of styling and lengthy shapes of garments the show had an almost conservative yet sensual component.  Such contrast between the feminine detailing of feathers, ruching and frills with the masculine inky hues, lusty reds and paint spattered motifs. It made each individual piece even more so delectable. I, as well as many others, can not wait to get my hands on those Spring 2013 Casadei for Prabal Gurung Runway Shoes...they are xoxo  
$900 of empowerment

Who you calling Cheap?

Oak + Fort Cutout Beige Knit Cardi $120, Out of the Blue Boutique Peppermint USA Leopard Print Dress $50, My "Chains of Love" Bracelets $50, Cheap Monday Spike Soft Pumps $175  

This week has been so hectic, I was beginning to think my baby gave up on me. I have been so caught up in work and life that I forgot about my best friend. Now I apologized excessively to Mac and let him know that I was being selfish not using him like I should, so don't think I'm completely heartless. I missed him too. And at first he was skeptical and hesitant, but it didn't take long for him reboot. With a little Internet connection and some electricity, I managed to turn him back on. And now that he is fully charged and ready to be taken advantage of, I thought I'd update the blog with a few more tidbits then usual. Now with the Autumn months fast approaching I thought it only appropriate to mask the feeling of "summer loss"with "clothing gain."A few new purchases to ease into the winter months and simply forget about the fading summer. So tell me...how does one start Autumn accordingly? With leaves, turkeys and gloomy faces? not quite. As the new juncture of weather begins to compose I see my wardrobe as the key to starting the season properly, with animals prints, heavy knits, and spiked heels, so Fall will seem effortless and edgy. How could anyone resist a season that brings nothing but layering, auburn and leather gloves? But every lady knows that the quintessential piece for this coming season is every-day-wear-but-still-cost-an-arm-and-a-leg boots...my only advice..spend the fucking doe hoe.

Figment Of My Imagination?

Wrote to Carrie... she never replied.
I sat on my Macbook sipping my mocha and whip...
but nothing.
My Givenchy kept me company for a short while...but it was
not the same as Ms. Bradshaw herself.
"I got to thinking"....what if she doesnt exsist?

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Are You Apart Of The Club?

Club Monaco Leather Jacket $210, Club Monaco Leala Sweatpant in Marled Texture $89 ,Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Pointy-Toe Pump $59Marc by Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle $81Love L750 Black Frame Glasses $81 (purchased just because), Club Monaco Faye Shirt $130

Hello my name is Carly and I am an Addict. I would prefer to stay anonymous but my stylist says this is the first step to recovery. They call my addiction"Clubism." It is a deadly and toxic drug. Clubism is the over spending and splurging of Club shopping....Club Monaco that is. 
My addiction is having an absolute obsession over the look, the feel, the essence, the style of the brand Club Monaco. I would own every article of clothing if my bank account didn't suffer the consequences and my MasterCard did not reap all the benefits. I have worked the steps and taken it day by day, but somehow I still find myself slipping through the cracks. My addiction just always takes control. It starts off with small slip ups, such as simple outings to the mall or quick online peek at the new months collection....but it always leads to a full blown relapse. Instead of focusing on my relapse prevention or my recovery, I focus on how thrilling it will feel to try on that Figure-Skimming Lani Silk Dress. Placed so unblemished on the mannequin. Playing coy with me, but desperately coaxing me to try on. So I walk-in, clutch the hanger that withholds the trance I'm about to slip into and I feel the rush of adrenaline kick in. Suddenly my addiction takes over. My mind and body urging to try on this precocious piece of art. The change room is bright and demanding. The silk fabric and impeccable stitching graze my body. The mirror causes rushes of emotion and it is over. I'm sold. I'm spent. I have the effortless white bag in hand. I leave the store. I relapsed.