So it has been just over a month since my departure from NY. If I could describe, in one word, what I have felt since my plane left that hot July morning is.....aticipation. Aticipation for the future. You see, I finally found a place where everything made sense, where the puzzle pieces FINALLY stuck together and where life had meaning. I was not confused about what to do next, about WHY everything happened, or where my life was going....I simply knew. Ever since that day my life has been replaced with a void...NOT a question mark (like usual) a void. At least now I know the answer to the many questions I use to ask myself...the answer is simply 'New York'. I use to spend endless nights sitting in my bed wide awake and dreaming, dreaming of where my life could go. But when I returned from the Big Apple, instead of spending long nights dreaming of what I could be, I close my eyes and dream of what I will be. I get to dream about the adventures in NY and what the future now holds for me. This summer has turned into the start of my life, I have truly decided what I want to do with my life and who I want to be. I have started a design portfolio, met a famous designer (who I truly respect as an artist), gained confidence in my own art, and started a job at an international clothing store. It is september 1 and even though I am not in school, or living in dorms, or even living somewhere half way acorss the world....I am still anticipating the future and ready to work my little tush off to get to where I want to be. I am so ready to succeed....I have lived my life in a shawdow...but not anymore. Simply I am ready to climb and struggle, push and shove and thrive on success and hardwork to the get myself to the top. 


Tonight was my final night in the big apple...the city that I love. My stay in Manhattan has had its goods, its greats, its bads, and its uglies...but it all has taught me to be a strong minded, and strong hearted young girl. I definitely have become a strong individual since my first day in NYC. The grit and roughness of the city gave me a strong backbone, the fast-pace and hectic atmosphere has given me quick wit, the fact that I am living alone has forced me to gain patience, and the thirst for stardom by every student caused me to gain perseverance.  I have discovered a new me, I have discovered what seems to be....myself. A stronger, wiser, more mature, and driven self. I become apart of something here, something I will never forget and will always cherish. I met some incredible individuals, many talented artists, and people from almost every continent in the world. There is a Korean from Vietnam, a French from Turkey, two young girls from Sweden, another from Brazil, one from Venice, three from Columbia, many from the states, and a few (personally my favorites) from Canada. I lived in a city that is home to every ethnicity. I lived with every culture. I discovered a world inside a 12km by 3km city. Who gets to say that? well... I do. So now I get to TRAVEL the world (due to the numerous free-housing deals, thanks to my new-found-friends across the globe.) The To-Do-Before-I-Die list involves sipping tea in London, shopping in Milan, saying "bonjour" to everyone in Paris, tanning in Brazil, eating in Italy, jumping off an ocean cliff  in Greece, surfing in Australia, going on a safari in Africa, and just living. I can however already check off one of the To-Do-Before-I-Dies', "Live in New York City." I can check it off....but I will never remove it from my list, for it it doesn't say Live in New York City ONCE! I will be back, I will be back and I can not wait. I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of everyday New York life, I am going to miss my E-train Subway, my Grande soy Cinnamon Dolce latte, Peter at Parsons Security, my worldly friends, and my 20th street dorm....I am going to miss my second life. I was scared of this trip, but I endured the journey and I fined myself loving the final destination. I look outside and I can barely see the concrete with the blanketing of yellow cabs, buildings that have 24 hour restaurants beside 24 hour flower shops, red lights that seem to mean "go" and men dressed in spandex and XXS white t-shirts while holding a chiwawa in one hand a fellow man's hand in the other. This city is a concrete jungle. I will miss it and I will miss the life I have made. It is time for a new chapter in my life. New York wrote the beginning, but now it is time for the climax. It has been a pleasure writing these blogs, so I say for a final time....New York....I really do love you. 

Mixing it Up

It is going to be a little different today, instead of my usual entries about my New York endeavors, it is going to be of things I want to experience. Basically I am going to make a list of things I wish to do and see before I depart this fair city.4
1)Take a picture with the naked guitar-playing-honkytonk in the heart or Times Square
2)Take a walk in the park, the central one
3) Make a deal with a small Chinese women for a "couture" purse
4) Be a tourist for approximately five minutes and purchase the ever-so-popular "I <3>
5) Walk on the marble floors of the MET
6) Get a 10 dollar manicure in quiet downtown Chelsea
7) Walk the steps that Carrie Bradshaw walked everyday for ten years
8) Eat the Starbucks of ice cream, "Pinkberry?" ice cream, apparently according to EVERYONE, I am missing out.
9) Take a late-night stroll down Times Square
10) and lastly... say a proper farewell to my first real love...New York.

I wish to check off these New York Must-DO's before I leave.
I will check off my top ten New York Must-DO's before I know something? I don't think I want to go. I do...but I don't..well? know what! let us just say I will be the near ahh? future? yes very NEAR future!
Tomorrow will be a bigger better blog night, tonight was just..ahh? To the point! You see
the cold-and-sinus medications I took prior to this blog kicked in about five minutes ago, needless to say, I am about to pass out.
So my sign off tonight is a big long and tired yawn.

Countdown Begins

It was a splendid weekend, filled with fine dinning, drinking, shopping couture, and meeting fabulously important people. So I say "fine dinning" I mean to say Campus Cafeteria Food, and by "drinking" I mean Starbucks Caffeine. "shopping couture" what I mean is actually just plain old shopping and by "fabulously important people" I mean Starbucks employees. I just thought I would make my not-so-eventful weekend sound a little more intriguing. Not to say I didn't have a busy weekend... in fact! I had a VERY busy weekend. It was after all my very last weekend in the Big Apple, so it only stood to reason that I should jam-pack my Saturday Sunday. Basically it was a long weekend squeezed into a normal every-week weekend...? Make sense...kinda? sorta? maybe? Well if you do not understand then you obviously haven't had the great privilege of reading my blogs ahemm...before, anyways! You know something? I think it is this city! I feel like I have to do everything flipping twice as fast, or twice as much, or twice as early. For example, I get up twice as early as I normally would during Summer, it takes me twice as long to finish my homework, twice as long to get to school, I have to work twice as hard in class, and I walk and speak twice as fast as I normally do! I can barely keep up, I have no idea how you do it reading these blogs! Good on ya....OK so I'm apparently Australian now? So anyways, in short, this weekend was one thing after the other, and the other after another..and yes that is exactly what I mean. The best part of today's excursion was that I had the great pleasure of seeing how enchanting this city can look during the day. I am rarely outside during school the peak of the day is always hidden from my sight. Not today though, no surrey-bob! I had a clear view of the hidden treasure inside New York. The secret treasure buried in the heart of NY...Central Park. And yes! I actually had time to subway myself all the way uptown to Central Park! It was short and sweet, but long overdue and well worth the visit. I soaked up a couple rays, checked out a few lads, and had just enough time to slip a quickie Starbucks before heading back downtown. I am now in my dorms, in isolation, brainstorming for my final project. This weeks theme is "Women Icons." So I have chosen...wait for it....get ready....ahemm....BARBIE! Alright, I am going to give you a minute or two to comprehend and take it in.....................................Ooook so no joke folks, Barbie is my inspiration. Yes, barbie, pink, big hair, big head and all! This collection of designs is going to be fun, flirty, sophisticated, and very well composed. The final product shall blow my fellow peers out of their artsy farsty water. So I will keep you posted on my final days, and final endeavors in NYC over the course of these five days. I say goodnight.  

Life is to Live

So...I am in this city for nine more days, nine more days and I will have lived in New York for one month. Four whole weeks and three days. I have officially travelled away from home, gone to school, and lived on my own...and all before my nineteenth birthday. I am eighteen years of age and I have experienced more then most people my age and even some people twice my age! I am the ripe age of eighteen and I feel as though I have lived...what kind of teen gets to just say that? Just be able to say it, and it be true? Not very many in my world, I don't know about yours. This place has opened my eyes to see every angle of what life could teach me if I let myself discover. I just know now that there is so much more out there then what I grew up around. There is a world waiting to be unlocked, and I hold the key. Kids who know nothing but the square root of pi, every chemical compound, and how to write a proper thesis statement, don't really get the explore past concrete walls of a school...I mean why be taught it when you can live it? And let me enlighten you, "living it"....without a doubt the better option. I believe in living life to its full potential, look past all the obstacles and let yourself take on an adventure. Lfe is scary, thrilling, exciting, hectic, stressful, accomplishing, funny, and above all...yours. So make it good, make it worth living. This journey has made me want to live not just learn, so in nine days I say goodbye to New York and hello to the world. 

I'd Like to Make A Toast

I am going to dedicate this blog to the people of New York City, for teaching me what it really means to be a "New Yorker." Ever notice how "New Yorker" is always described in the sense that they are their own race. You can be African, American, Asian, German, or Canadian...BUT if you live in the Big Apple you are considered a "New Yorker"....just a thought. Anyways, the citizens of New York have taught many of things, such as when the appropriate time to say you are sorry and when to not. For example, say you hit someone on the subway, always say 'sorry', but DO NOT expect a response. However, if you were to hit someone on the street NEVER say you are sorry, because no one expects you to. New Yorkers have also educated me on avoiding annoying 'City Tour Guide' pamphlets during the morning work rush....and don't even get me started on the tourist rush hours. I have also gained immense knowledge in the proper technique to hailing a cab when in dire need, that has been a saviour in this city. I would also like to thank them for teaching me about cocky confidence, I believe this should be the most fitting motto for all New Yorkers ahem...alright here it is,"walk around like your shit don't stink, and you'll fit right in" simple, to the point, and boy does it work wonders. Let me tell you, in New York City, those are words to live by. 
Moving on to the main! It was an early start, a fine five fifty five am start (alliteration makes everything sound better). I was literally up at the crack of dawn, I think...I think, I could actually hear my own thoughts, but then a 65 year old man unlocked and wrangled the door to his store wide open...and my thoughts were lost in the New York bustle. I had a minor yet major project due today, so I decided an early start was extremely necessary, and no surprise I was extremely correct.  I am always early for Terrance class makes me start my day off on a positive note, a note that would be classified as B sharp! haha oh I am just too darn witty for my own good. 
Tomorrow I will be contacting a Micheal Kaye (a very well known Canadian designer) on my telephone. When I dial I will hopefully recover fast enough from my starstruck behaviour to talk to him about the ups and downs of fashion designing, and to hear all about his hectic and successful life in NYC. He recently moved to New York and has a studio in Chelsea I believe, which conveniently is near my dorms...coincidence? So wish me luck in my endeavours.

This blog is to New York...the city where dreams become a reality. 

Two Down, Two To Go

It is said that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"....I have to come to find, that it is very true. Very true indeed. I miss the quiet, yet gossip filled streets of ADA Blvd., my front porch that holds unforgettable memories,  my bed that is always there to comfort me when times are at their worst...but most of all I miss (which I have the privilege of calling) my family. My voice box has not reached an octave passed "content" in weeks. I have not yelled! patience is wearing thin. Let me tell you, it is not the "thin" that most endure. Therefore; I have found my inner zen...yes that is a quote for the books "Carly has found her inner zen." Now let me explain this so-called "zen". If I were to look to my right this very instance I would see the city streets, and every  minute on the minute a subway drives by, rumbling the floor beneath me. As well as the lovely transit system creating a harmonious noise, there would be five truck drivers shouting outside the window. They parked their large gas-guzzling machines on the sidewalk below and unpacked their equipment to may be thinking cool...well I'm thinking "there goes my sleep." And to my left!  There would be the wondrous world of nineteen year old chaos, they scream and shout ladies and gentlemen and best of all they screech. My personal favorite is the Screech, because when you least expect it to happen OH! POOF! your heartbeat triples in beats per minute and your eardrum is shot.I personally really love it. As this occurs, I simply close my eyes and envision the streets of ADA Blvd, the solitude of my porch, the comfort of my bed, and my definitely helps. I found my own personal antibiotic to this new NY "swine" virus. As a side note..the usual anecdote would be the soulful sounds of Apples glorious invention the ipod BUT due to a severe washing machine incident this past Sunday, I am sad to say that... "ipod" is no more. 

In lighter news, school is sailing smoother then ever and the horizon looks calm and clear, there will be a bit of waves and slight winds but nothing severe. I have set sail and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful rest of the journey. It is the start of a fresh week....I can already smell the coffee that is brewing for me to drink tomorrow morning. It is going to be strong, it is going to be dark, and it is going to be Starbucks. Goodnight NY...I love you?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Apple

So today was different then most days. It was a regular morning, I got up at the ripe hour of 6 am (p.s I got a solid 6 hours of sleep last night! I feel renewed and refreshed...definitely needed the rest). It was quite chilly today, I stepped out the front doors of 20th street dormitories no later then 7:30. I felt an immediate rush of shivers run down my spine, and even the smallest of hairs on my arms stood up...I got the goosebumps don't'cha know. Well that right there was enough for me to turn around and head back the direction I had just came from. I went back into the lobby, swiped my ID, headed up the elevator to the third floor and grabbed my jacket...yep I said flipping jacket. I did get to class relatively early though, well okay scratch "relatively" and replace with ah...'REALLY.' Yeppers, eight on the dot...meaning class starts in oh let us hour give or take a few minutes. So instead of waisting my time just sitting in silence I made friends with the lovely security guard of Parsons New School, Peter. A very well known man throughout the school, and who might I add, said I am one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen...that sparked a wonderful start to my Thursday. I spoke with the man for about ten minutes about the rare privilege I had to spend my summer abroad. He laughed when I told him I was from up north, but most Americans do...I am usually stereotyped as a Californian, hmm...alright? Well then I figure I should start talking more along the lines of this, ahem "Soo like, I love Prada, Gucci, and Chanel, OMG like sooooo gorgeous...lets like freakin go to the beach bitchezz." It hurts to even type that language. Continuing my day, I headed to class around eight thirty to get a early start to class, it is always "better to be ahead of schedule then behind and regrettable." (like it? I most certainly designed that quote myself.) Since I was first to arrive Terrance (our professor) asked to see my homework assigned from the previous day. The task was to take your assigned designer and deconstruct the styles and motifs of that artist. He first rummaged through my fabrics, and then the notes I had conjured up about my designer. He had an agreeable smile. In conclusion to his thoughts, he said my collection was beautiful and that I had knack for refined, tasteful, and expense fabrics. Basically I have expensive taste and a strong understanding of fabrics.  I ended up leaving to refill myself with a cup a Joe, and while walking a ran into the boy in my Designs Concept class...he hadn't done his homework. So being the Canadian I am, I was compassionate. I went to the fabrics store with him and picked out swatches...needless to say Terrance LOVED his color scheme, thanks to yours truly. I did get credit, don't worry this boy is a maple leafer, so he does have Canadian blood in'em and he told Terrance of the help I had given him. Our class was tousled and turned a bit today, for we had a draping class instead of Design was definitely meticulous and intricate work. Carly not so mucha likey. I did however see Tim Gunn from the ever so popular "Project Runway" so that created a whole knew outlook for me towards draping. The rest of the day was like the weather, unpredictable. I ended up with no homework!...ah ya you heard me! NO HOMEWORK! oh my goodness gracious, I went back to 20th street and guess what this lil'new yorker did? NOTHING. I just enjoyed for once, the fact that I am in one of the most amazing cities in the world, a place where stardom is made, fashion is created, tourists get lost, and where men are 87% gay...a place that I get to live in. xoxo

I Always See A Silver Lining

Today. was? it was....? well today was painfully long. There is no sugar coating in fashion, just straight forward and blunt. So yes, today was PAINFULLY long. It was a successful and accomplishing do not get me wrong, but Argh

OK so you know the best part about this city? the fact that if your alarm doesn't wake you up DON"T WORRY....something else will! All I here is a 600ft subway train, mixed with an obnoxious pedestrian yelling and a side of a yellow taxi honking his horn 'out of politeness' (oh ya there is a difference). SO! This morning I woke up at approximately 6:05, greaaaat...where at this point the imprint of  my body was embedded in my so called "mattress" (I actually named it 'my cement box'). Side note here, there really is no comfort level of my mattress, it is simply there to make the 2ft by 6ft metal frame "look" like a bed. I woke up with my headphones still plastered in my ears and my phone basically glued to the palm of my hand. From an outside look, you'd think I had some issues. I took a nice shower, a calming shower, it is the ONLY place in New York City where silence exists, a place where NO ONE can shout in your ear, or bump you on your right rib and act like YOU weren't supposed to be on the street, let alone be in their way. So in a nutshell, shower equals serenity. I took the E-train today, where a young man decided grabbing my ass would be part of his daily routine, ahem...daily routine my ass! (no pun intended).  Let me tell you, after I made sure everyone on the subway knew of this crude behaviour, he got some gruesome looks from most and a couple "what the hells" from some nice Parson boys. See...a girl CAN handle herself. Needless to say I won't be taking the E-train anymore...JUST the C-train, C people are much more classy then E people. School was...well it was school, not much to say other then it was educational and a tad blah at times. 
After school was eventful though, I took the 1 train to The New School to research for our up and coming "Opposite Designer" project, then BACK to Uptown by C-train an hour later to get swatches of fabric at "Mood". I then went back to 20th street around 7. I ended up going to Radioshack to purchase a "micro dual pro" memory card for my camera, which was long over due. I continued to head home, but was stopped abruptly by my stomach and a grocery store to my right (literally right outside my dorm.) So I resisted the urge to return home to my "luxurious bed" and cubicle of a room, and decided to do something adult....dun dun daaa...BUY GROCERIES! AH! So at about twenty-to-eight I was FINALLY in the comfort of my room. Ready to do my homework and bask in the atmosphere of New York City. And that is what a normal day in Manhattan consists of, for the life a Parsons student at least. So today may have been uncomfortably long but I got to experience...I got to experience real, overwhelming, hectic, ibuprofen popping, sore Achilles tendons LIFE. 

Absence Disorders in Young Adults

I need to learn how to take naps mid day and still have time for extracurricular activities and homework....hmm..I'll ponder that for awhile and get back to you on that note. Tuesday hey? so that means it is the 7th of July 09, wow time flys! Actually it more so NASA Rocket ships its way by. It was an off day today though, I felt off balance and unsure of my surroundings. Everything I routinely do seemed, well it seemed wrong. I got up and for the first time fell back to sleep, I got dressed and new what I wanted to wear, I didn't leave an hour early, I daydreamed in class, and lunch I stayed in the classroom. Second period rolled around and I could NOT focus, and then after school I went straight home, when I usually run around the city finding homework supplies...then I got a text from my mom. And since that instant message from Edmonton, Ab, Canada I went back to my regular Parsons self...and I felt comfortable again. Mom...seriously, what is wrong with me? OK! I am going to check myself into a clinic that helps adults cope with absence of parental supervision! And please anyone, if you know of such a place inform me immediately. 
Tomorrow are the presentations for our designs, we have been working on these masterpieces since last cross your fingers, knees, and toes for mine to run smoothly.  
alright...I am going to attempt the unthinkable here at The New may wonder what this unthinkable is? well it is sleep...yep you read correctly, sleep
Goodnight folks...yours truly 
Carly Bradshaw ;)

Gossip Girl

Roommate`\, n. One of two or more occupying the same room or rooms; one who shares the occupancy of a room or rooms; a chum. 


A person who is assigned to share or shares a room or apartment with another or others.

All as you can see roommate is a word that means something along the lines of sharing and respecting. Well it is funny because apparently my roommates didn't get the memo on proper roommate "etiquette", if you will. Unless you consider coming back to the dorms at 12, drunk off tequila then playing Top 40 hits at a level that broke sound barriers proper etiquette, stop me now! Seriously people, and pardon my French, JESUS CHRIST! I just cannot comprehend the audacity of these girls. It was Saturday when this crisis occurred, (OK yes 'crisis' may seem strong, BUT I'm sorry, my sleep is MY SLEEP). roommates continued to party all nonchalantly until the wee hours of 5:30! ALL RIGHT! 1 is fine, 2 is pushing it, 3 is annoying, 4 is ridiculous, and 5!! 5 is just plain rude, or should I say, just plain AMERICAN! And no word of a lie, I heard the last dorm door SLAM at that point I believe my pillow had eaten a couple swear words. Needless to say I woke up in a very, very agitated state. So for future endeavors I have wrote myself a mental note "NEVER HAVE ROOMMATES...or at least make sure their favorite music is classical." On Sunday I woke up nice and early so I decided to make a negative day positive! I moved ALL my furniture...and yes my furniture is ALL wood and ALL VERY heavy, so it made could say noise? Ahem...yes karma is a bitch ladies and gentlemen...what goes around comes around my friends. I blasted my music, opened my door and moved all my furniture. And to my utmost surprise! Within ten minutes of my re-decorating, my lovely hung-over roommates came tumbling out of their rooms. I smiled and said "good morning." was a great. 

 I took the subway later in the day to times square 42nd street to get some swatches of fabric for my sketches. After the subway ride and the was closed! So I walked another twenty blocks to the New York City Library to research, but after the walk....the revolving doors read "closed"!!! THEN I decided, oh well I will take the subway to Parsons School on 6 ave and 13th street to print things off, but after the subway was CLOSED! Neither the less I gave up after 2 hours of disappointment and headed back to 8th ave and 20th street. As I approached 7th ave I realized I needed to pick up "Marker Paper " for Fashion Drawing class...SO! I made a U-turn and walked towards 4 ave and 13th street. Crossing my fingers the entire walk, praying it would be open! About twenty minutes later I arrived and....YES! Voila it was open pour moi! 


 Today did not seem as though it was a Monday, but that confusion was clarified when classes commenced (whoa alliteration much?) It was definitely crunch time. I felt more confident today then I have other days though, I was confident in my work and confident in my designs. After school I went to immigration, and listen to this story, it is a good one. Apparently I am NON-existent in the US. I was never issued as entering the US as a student, only as a tourist. So Parsons cannot let ISS know I have arrived because I technically never "entered." So...I may have issues re-entering the states for school in the future due to customs mistake, not mine. I do like it here though, I would come back for school, not right away but I feel I will. I do miss certain things about home... I miss my bed, the comfort of my home, the quit surroundings at night, and knowing I can just talk to my mom. But I know I need this excitement and uniform schedule. I need the excitement to understand what more is out there, beyond the city limits of Edmonton; I need the routine to gain discipline and independence. I am trying so hard to be all that I can, meet people without gossiping, learn about the city but not get caught up in it, be safe but not paranoid, work hard but not over-work, have fun but not slack off, take in but still live. I am trying. I am trying because I know I have something to offer, something that someone will see. The something that I see. I am here because I want to experience life. Too cliché? I say cliché fits.



lessons, americans are strange and I love "Sex and the City"

"Happy 4 of July everyone! It is a sunny 80 degrees and ya'll better be celebrating the holiday ya here" quoted by ALL AMERICANS...well I have one thing to say, America is strange. "So do you live in the Canada above Washington, or the Canada above New York?" OK side note! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN. Anyways, I can not tell you how many times I have been in a circumstance where this question has evolved. Americans are strange. Oh and sorry about the delayed response, I have been up to my ears in research and homework. The past three days have been ridiculous.  I basically run around aimlessly looking for 5 Ave and 42 street, or 11 Ave and 75 street....that is what I do in a day, HOPE that I can make it across the city and back before things close! I look like a chicken who has been decapitated, but still wired from the overdose of caffiene injections. If you are not fallowing, picture this, you are standing on a sidewalk waiting for the little bright walk man to give the "go" cue. When SUDDENLY a young teenager zooms past you with a bag twice her size. It consists of drawings and sketch paper, but filling more then half the bag is empty stabucks cups. You can't quite make out what she is saying but it is something along the lines of "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..SHIIIIIIITTT" Yep that is exactly what I do everyday after school...scream then run. Thursday night was the best though, I finished school at 4 and headed towards the New York City Library. The assignment was to choose an era from 1910's to the 1970's, I choose 70's, and sketch a collection (aka draw a clothing line based off the 1970's and make it present looking.) I went to the library to research. I had to walk 10 blocks, which by the way is a half hour walk, BACK to the fabric store "Mood" and grab swatches for my line. I got back to my dorm at 6:30ish. Then...yes THEN I began my homework, I had to finish 20 drawings of my line, needless to say I was up until 2 am drawing. 2 was pretty early, the other two nights were 3! BUT it payed off, because he actually really liked what I had designed and he LOVED my fabrics, said I had a real "niche" for fabrics? sounds pretty damn good to me. Yesterday after I had my three cups of caffeine...I felt revived! I went to SOHO and just sat by the peer, it is beautiful. For once in this city I felt like I could just breathe. I sat for almost an hour just listening and watching, I forgot what it felt like to just enjoy. After my new found feeling I had a real feel for NY, so I decided to whip out some "Sex and the City Movie," man I love that show. I realized this weeks lesson was to really discover the life and world of NY..I think I accomplished that task. SO! it is the weekend and I am just sitting with a coffee and bagel, people watching in a quaint coffee shop around the corner of my dorm, you may have heard of it? Starbucks? well if not, you should check it is odd, there is one on EVERY corner. Luxury! Anyways, I say adieu and I am off to discover something new. As always keeping you posted on the life and style of Carly Bradshaw.


June, what is it now? oh yes June 30.
Today has been life altering, it was filled with competition and definite stress.
I began the day at approximately 5 am...I was in such a state of panic that I wouldn't wake up this morning that I continually checked my alarm every time I thought I had fallen back to sleep. In reality it was a mere five minutes later then the last time I had checked it. 8:10, I take the C subway train to upper west side, 42 street Times Square...I stopped for a quickie a.k.a in my world "Starbucks" ;) it was a fabulous soy Cinnamon Dolce latte until I realize I forgot to use my Starbucks card...well there goes five buckaroos! At 9 sharp Fashion Concepts class commenced...with professor O'Neill or as he prefers "terry?" is a man of many questions...I am going to need some time to figure him out. We learned of fabrics, tailoring, fashion terminology,  and above all the importance of our croquis. These are the drawings and sketches that create the basis for all our designs...the mannequin drawings with clothing on them, for those of you who need a visual. He led us four blocks south of Parsons to a world renowned fabric store (every fabric imaginable...every single one) it is called B&J's, it is where Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs (to name a few) get their fabrics when creating their collections. I felt like a kid in a candy store, only this candy was made with a special flavour, one that is only tasted once in a lifetime.  I sincerely could have grabbed every fabric and been happy for years...just sitting with it. Drawing class...god I suck at visual is quite funny actually. It is time to show our homework...ehemm...yep not happening. I sit quietly until "Carly?" i shamefully walk towards him with a worrisome smile...he laughs. I haven't felt this way in long time, I never put myself in a position to feel inferior...I like the challenge, I need the bubble needs some pin pricks to pop it. I need to get out of my comfort zone. A"comfort" zone that consists of drama, fear, drama oh and more drama. I am sitting in my bed just thinking of what my life has planned for me, and I can kind of see the is blurry ahead but all I know is that past the blur and confusion there is a bright and reasurring light. I just know one day my name will be in those lights I see up ahead...."CARLY RICHMAN...STARRING IN..." but who knows right ;)

June 29

June 29, Happy Birthday Daddio...the big 5 dot 0
Today was officially the first day of Parsons Summer Intensive. The day started at eight sharp and ended sincerely twenty minutes past ten c-clock. It was...hectic, overwhelming, exhausting, eye-opening, challenging, stressful, intuitive, and above all inspiring.  I am truly three more blinks away from falling into a deep coma-of -a-sleep. Today seemed as though it never quite finished, but now that is at its end I am glad it was that fast pace of day...because I am falling asleep accomplished not frantic and worried. I bet you are waiting for me to list off one by one the eventful day I had, but sadly it would turn into a grocery list instead of an epic story. Instead I will hightlight but not sugar coat the happenings of june 29/09. I started off the day with orientation on 12 I walked a nice stroll this morning to get there and saw one thing that caught my eye, NO STARBUCKS the whole way...pfft. The orientation for Parsons consisted of "you are a college student, you need to do yoga, blah blah blah, and please see the immigration offices so you can return to US in future endevours." When it was over the Fashionista's in the auditorium had to take the elevator upstairs to get photo ID's...ok picture this 60 girls waiting to get pictures done...ya...GONG FREAKIN SHOW. It was positively wonderful. I finally recieved mine and it was funny because they had taken the picture so closely that all you see on my ID is nose, eyes, and mouth....something to make me laugh when i'm down I figured. After the photoshoot we all had to get uptown, approximately 40 the elvis' left the building and all headed on the subway to Parsons Design Studios. After pushing and shoving my way through the zoo...which New Yorkers call...oh what was it "Times Square" ehemm...yep that is right. We arrived at the studios. Side note, outside of the builind i was admiring a news casters glorious Chritstian Loubutin red sole shoes, when she looks at me and replys "you like." I gaze up to the 5ft11 beauty to realize it is no other then Heidi renowned model. It was a moment for the ages let me tell you. I was starstruck and basically staring at her in astonishment. BUT whatever she is use to it. My fashion design class commenced at was an amazing class and we have a brilliant down to earth teacher, who i believe thinks i have some drawing issues, which i do. By the end of class my finger was cramping and my stomach was aching. I took a cab home due to the fact that the subway was a NO WAY! I came back to my 6ft by 12ft bedroom and passed out on my bed. Woke up one hour later to the soulfull sound of my 1950's style "pay as you go phone" (it was my mother) sheesh...she really can't live without me...can't blame her. We went out for some din din and ate a very delicious plate of pasta. It was from a place called "tello?" something italian i am guessing. Alright my blog readers, i am saying Adieu, goodnight for I need catch some zzzz's to get my creative mind working. and New York....i love you
Today was my official day on residence...and let me tell you, it was stressful. It was a should've-stayed-home-today kinda mornings. But once I arrived on 8th and 20th I automatically sitched gears and felt reassured. The people I have met are phenomenal young men and women. I just can not wait for the people I am about to meet. I am overwhelmed with excitement, and overwhelmed with nerves. I have only discovered a small portion of this journey and have already experienced so much. My room is quaint and a horrible eggshell white but it is mine and that is what makes me love it. The view from my window showcases the many wounders of what makes New York...well New York. I see nothing but glamorous young men painted head to toe in designer duds, with corner store sized businesses packed together so tightly you swear you were looking at sardines in a tin can. But I would have to say the most extravegant sighting I have witnessed is the odd number of gay men inside a "Burrito Bar" yes, these re-fined men seem to truly love their cornbeef, salsa and tortillas! ola? I am trying to fall asleep but it is rather diffiucult being as my sweet lullaby is of ladder 12's sirens and pride parade fireworks. I take it in....nothing else you can do in the city that after all...never sleeps.