Time for a Model Moment

Yuri Pleskun is a Ukrainian, a Dunks wearer and believer in energies...somethings that are particular to his "Model as a Muse." His down-to-earth persona, "Shine" tattoo and quirky employment past gives him the industry edge as a model. At the ripe age of merely 21, and being discovered over three years ago he has a long expected carrier ahead of him. He has a strong love for family, his roots seem to be of great importance and his family is always first and foremost. This is evident in the ink that sits upon his right arm, his privileged need to care for his grandfather, and his constant cravings for perogies. His childhood was like many other adolescents in the sense that, to put loosely, was "tough." But his low key lifestyle and wholesome family values made him the soft soul he is today. Yuri is a true heart, a young model with boyish charm and devilish good looks. He puts photographers and designers at ease, for his beauty comes from within.

Peters Industrie Special

Peter Phillips was recently interviewed for Industrie Magazine this past month, educating us all on his "meetings" with The Kaiser of fashion, his rise to fame, and why tattoos are suddenly in such high demand. Peter brings a certain sense of pride and modesty through his thoughts. His pride is in his work and his modesty is in his fame. Peter is a prime example of how true artists and eccentric minds live in a world that everyday is a challenge to create the unknown, no matter the success. Throughout his interview he is sincere and gracious in his words, but hidden under that sultry five-oclock shadow is a real edgy persona. For his unconventional work as a makeup artist has got him teaming up with the prestigious Karl Lagerfeld.