Boyish Figures


Sequenced Bodice shirt with Long-sleeves  Club Monaco F/W 2010, Sequenced Clutch with Gold detailing Zara Collection, Inspiration from Abbey Lee Kershaw Vogue, Mustard Knee Length skirt Loft 82, Tan Sandal 4 inch Pumps Forever 21 

This outfit in particular was greatly discouraging for my creative mind. It took me quite sometime to decide on whether or not I was going to pair this divine mustard creation of a skirt, with a seductive bralette or sultry sequence. I weighed the pros and cons of my dilemma, while of course indulging in a delectable treat of Vanilla Roobios tea, and inevitably came to a gratifying conclusion. And It might of been, just possibly, the off setting butterscotch honey of color that caused this stress but regardless I came to a predominate decision. The answer was blatant and profound..ahem..if only. With the lack of "girls" or "twins" I possess and the disturbingly excessive amounts of sequence I do, the answer was Swarovski clear. I shamefully stuffed the intimate piece of apparel into my mockery of lingerie (I like to call them my brassieres, but they are more like garments for a pubescent child) quickly snatched my go-to Club and acted as though it never occured. Voila..and a melodic masterpeice transpired. 

Inspiration Truly Is Inspiring

The elements of these pictures is what truly inspires me
There is the element of Class
The element of Seduction
The element of Strength
The element of Whimsicality  
Far too beautiful, far too perfect

ZARA much?

Light Grey T-Shirt GAP Pure Collection, Camel Brown Leather Jacket with Buckling ZARA, Army Green Crop Zipped Cargo Pants Club Monaco, Fushia Pink Stiletto ZARA, ArmCandy Vintage and Aerie by American Eagle, Silver Embellished Necklace Aerie by American Eagle.

Picked Up A Few Things On the Way Home

These items stated below are for future purchases made at my cosmetic retail shop.
Yves Saint Laurant TOUCHE ECLAT Luminous Sand
Light-weight coverage for Dark Circles and Fatigue
Boscia - B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++
Bosica BB Cream
Oil-Free Skin, perfection "Beauty Balm"
Natural finish, Moisturizes and Nourishes skin
Murad - Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer
Matte Finish that creates a smooth, Shine-Free, delicate Powder Finish.
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Argentine Artistry Brush Roll
Sephora Collection
Argentine Artistry Brush Roll
I am not practical..nor will I ever be
SEPHORA COLLECTION - I.T. Angeled Natural Blush BrushSEPHORA COLLECTION - I.T. Cream Blush Brush
Sephora Angle Blush Brush and Cream Blush Brush
All Natural Ultra-Soft
Koh Gen Do - Sponge Cleaner
beautyblender - beautyblender®
Beauty Blender, Koh Gen Do Sponge/Brush/Puff Cleaner

Check Me Out at Express Lane 1

Sleeveless Collared Shirt Mink Pink, for Scotch&Soda, Dark Grey Cigarette Pants Oak + Fort, Bralette Urban Outfitters Online, Peep-toe Kitten Heel in Tweed Aldo Summer/Spring 2011, Tear Drop Emerald earrings and stone ring Vintage.

I wore this little get-up out on the town to buy groceries...I feel like everyone is entitled to look their absolute best everyday, even if it is just to impress some bulk produce and a sweet bakery. I do worn you though, the Organic Section can be quite judgemental at times. Overall the outing was a great success...I happened to come across a European flavor of the week ...some delicious Greek Yogurt. After checking it out and I ended up taking it home with me (so the outfit did me justice.) Oikos Honey will be comforting me tonight, along with a side of blueberries, as I cuddle up in my bed and watch seductive re-runs of the Vampire Diaries. MMM...delicious.

Princess & Princes

Vintage Sequence, Loft 82 Silk Lace Baby-doll Dress and Windmill Earrings, ASOS Fabric Stiletto. 

On a whimsical days like today, outfits like these are a necessity. Days where things just fancifully fall into place and coffees are treated like they are apart of the"Pay-it-forward" philosophy. No complaints, no tears, no apologies, no swears, just an elegant day composed of pearly whites and infinite ambition. Days like these are far too kind to poison with heavy words and neurotic worries, they are meant for childish thoughts and playful fashion. So what better way to relish in a day like today then with princess sparkles, grandmother dresses, and tea party heels? 

OAK Trees & FORT Edmonton Park

Whyte Avenue Oak and Fort Edmonton, AB
The beautiful collection of classic and eclectic pieces from Oak and Fort. This once boutique has spread to the west coast and invaded Vancouver with its heavy knits, pastels of perfection, and angelic jewelry. With their one size fits all sweaters, high waisted button up corduroy pants, and ill-fitting feminine blouses, this store has taken Korean imports to a new all time high. The collections are so endearing that the women clientele have gone so far as to fight for the menswear dress shirts and leather bow ties. I hope to see this company grow, and fast. Can not wait for it to invade the East Coast.

Rated E

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Is Advised
Hello June was exactly one month today you turned my whole life upside down and fallowed with a punch through my heart. I worn all of you out there...she is quite the little home wrecker. Not only did she kick me out of my perfectly good loft on 5th street, she continued the humiliation by bitch slapping me straight out of a job (which made me quite the substantial income). Then the two faced whore decides to hit me while I'm down by sucker punching me with a vague explanation about my long term boyfriend leaving me. It was as simple as he "no longer was IN love with me" *oh but don't worry she finished the statement with "he still thinks you're hot, still wanna be friends?"...what a lovely little cunt she is. June 16...thanks for ruining my perfectly comfortable life. I no longer consider you a yearly acquaintance, a date for the day, you no longer have a place in my life...I will forget you ever existed..until next year that is.

Wear and Tare...or just plain dirty

Beige Wool Knit Oak and Fort 
Denim Cutoffs ZARA
White Chuck Taylor Slim Converse (with DIY ribbon laces)
Getting down to the nitty gritty of it all....I would say these summer essential denims have proven their self worth. If by any means necessary I would have to dress myself in these distressed cutoffs  I might " unintentionally" rip the remainder of the jean. I would then proceed by creating some form of god-awful 80's style string of denim sweat and head bands. Let me just say, my extensive usage of these patriotic acid washers, have provided me with expectations far surpassed their call of duty.