Who you calling Cheap?

Oak + Fort Cutout Beige Knit Cardi $120, Out of the Blue Boutique Peppermint USA Leopard Print Dress $50, My "Chains of Love" Bracelets $50, Cheap Monday Spike Soft Pumps $175  

This week has been so hectic, I was beginning to think my baby gave up on me. I have been so caught up in work and life that I forgot about my best friend. Now I apologized excessively to Mac and let him know that I was being selfish not using him like I should, so don't think I'm completely heartless. I missed him too. And at first he was skeptical and hesitant, but it didn't take long for him reboot. With a little Internet connection and some electricity, I managed to turn him back on. And now that he is fully charged and ready to be taken advantage of, I thought I'd update the blog with a few more tidbits then usual. Now with the Autumn months fast approaching I thought it only appropriate to mask the feeling of "summer loss"with "clothing gain."A few new purchases to ease into the winter months and simply forget about the fading summer. So tell me...how does one start Autumn accordingly? With leaves, turkeys and gloomy faces? not quite. As the new juncture of weather begins to compose I see my wardrobe as the key to starting the season properly, with animals prints, heavy knits, and spiked heels, so Fall will seem effortless and edgy. How could anyone resist a season that brings nothing but layering, auburn and leather gloves? But every lady knows that the quintessential piece for this coming season is every-day-wear-but-still-cost-an-arm-and-a-leg boots...my only advice..spend the fucking doe hoe.

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