Don't speak, don't listen, just read

Fashion does not mute nor pause, it excites. For no matter where one lives or adventures to the essence of fashion will still live among them. The body of fashion never dwindles, faints, or leaves. So even though I may be amongst the dwindling and the faint …I live the exuberant. A life that inhales the velvety smell of double breasted satin, designer craftsmanship, and long lonely nights informing oneself of up-to-date Fashion TV and exhales over sized Tonka trunks exhaust and winter residue. Who knew this Gal would raise her-self to be so attentively informed of Tokyo Fashion Week, New York Bloggers, and London design Universities. The one who was so unnecessarily dramatic, without-a-care mouthy, and owns a remarkably unrestricted drum. It seems I have potent knack for Vogue and Valentino. Who knew? But enough of the anecdote that is… well I…let me introduce myself. Carly is the inadvertently name I was given, not chosen. Let us not forget that my name would be the ever-so-casual (but quirky) Charlie..if given the unexpected choice. So my vast journey began…oh let us see…approximately 20 years ago. 20 years divided into a mathematical equation consisting of many positives, numerous relationship patterns, some long decisions and a couple wrong calculations with severe consequences. One may say a cohesive life… but I say it comes with a few cracks and bends

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