Anti-Social Networking

I have decided that this "blog" thing is completely over done. I know, I know Social Networking is the it thing to do as of Myspace, Twitter and of course Facebook (all hale Mark Zukerburg.) Now don't get my wrong, the power and resources that come within the world of web are phenomenal...but I still have my reserves. Maybe I'm just a skeptic or a realist or maybe it is just plain jealousy? Ya that is it! How!? I ask! How does a nobody become a somebody over night!? I'll tell you how, with the mere result of uploading a YouTube video, or raising money (including from their own pocket) for a good cause, or captioning an abstract photo of their daily fashion!? How does this media circus really work? How do they decide who makes the cut? Who has "the look"? Who has the backbone? or who has "the Star" quality? It continually itches at me, keeps me up at night, and causes me to question why social networking is so ridiculously popular!? is it a contest, a need for acceptance, an addiction or is it just plain interest?....well my friends I guess i'll never know. But! I better get a move on with my Facebook says I have five new updates ;)

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