The City to Icon

Olivia Palermo is brilliant. Her intuition of fashion and knack for the eclectic is evident in her clothes. Her impeccable taste is inevitable time and time again, everything from her vintage Hermes, boutique jewelry, and a man candy to tie it all together. Her classic beauty creates a palette that enables any style to be sculpted to her. For some people the clothes wear them and others wear the clothes. Olivia owns the clothes. She takes the simplicity of a sheer chiffon blouse and pencil woven skirt and creates a masterpiece of art. A painting of design. She truly is an icon of what endless possibilities are fermented with the essentials of design. Essentials that any red-blooded american would own, but Olivia isnt the average women, she is a muse, a lover of the luxury of art, and an artist.

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