Are You Apart Of The Club?

Club Monaco Leather Jacket $210, Club Monaco Leala Sweatpant in Marled Texture $89 ,Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Pointy-Toe Pump $59Marc by Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle $81Love L750 Black Frame Glasses $81 (purchased just because), Club Monaco Faye Shirt $130

Hello my name is Carly and I am an Addict. I would prefer to stay anonymous but my stylist says this is the first step to recovery. They call my addiction"Clubism." It is a deadly and toxic drug. Clubism is the over spending and splurging of Club shopping....Club Monaco that is. 
My addiction is having an absolute obsession over the look, the feel, the essence, the style of the brand Club Monaco. I would own every article of clothing if my bank account didn't suffer the consequences and my MasterCard did not reap all the benefits. I have worked the steps and taken it day by day, but somehow I still find myself slipping through the cracks. My addiction just always takes control. It starts off with small slip ups, such as simple outings to the mall or quick online peek at the new months collection....but it always leads to a full blown relapse. Instead of focusing on my relapse prevention or my recovery, I focus on how thrilling it will feel to try on that Figure-Skimming Lani Silk Dress. Placed so unblemished on the mannequin. Playing coy with me, but desperately coaxing me to try on. So I walk-in, clutch the hanger that withholds the trance I'm about to slip into and I feel the rush of adrenaline kick in. Suddenly my addiction takes over. My mind and body urging to try on this precocious piece of art. The change room is bright and demanding. The silk fabric and impeccable stitching graze my body. The mirror causes rushes of emotion and it is over. I'm sold. I'm spent. I have the effortless white bag in hand. I leave the store. I relapsed. 

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Anonymous said...

I love you but I never get a blog about me. FML :(.... whats a guy gotta do