The New Testament

Dear Lord. Sitting alone, wearing $500 bargain Lanvin Sneakers, my favorite pair of just-enough-worn Burgundy Leather J-brand's and my freshly pressed Charcoal Tuxedo Jacket by Stella McCartney. Topped off with my go-to Mcqueen scarf and my forever favorite white classic vintage tee. Accessorized and finished perfectly with the ever-so chic Chanel White Gold Watch circa S/S 2012 and my Vintage Hermes Clutch.  Oh and please bless Alexander and Karl (and let this night be worth the expensive risk). Crossing and uncrossing my legs, checking and then re-checking my clothes, playing out what will happen on my risque night ahead. Forgive me lord for I have sinned. The relentless and adulterated thoughts racing through my mind. But the most impure thought of all, is the thought that my virgin outfit will be screwed. Mother F*cker...I mean Teresa? Yes, you better believe it, god dammit, you better believe it. We all think it Lord, or at least women in fashion do. We all pray that the day will come that we will never have to squander away another outfit. Because oh heavenly father...we all know that every outfit deserves its recognition. That is however, before it has been used and washed away of its purity. So please bless my life with endless shin-digs and soirees so as to save my wardrobe from any impurities. AMEN.

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i love ur blog, I want to know more about ur personal life! souds so exciting!