June 29

June 29, Happy Birthday Daddio...the big 5 dot 0
Today was officially the first day of Parsons Summer Intensive. The day started at eight sharp and ended sincerely twenty minutes past ten c-clock. It was...hectic, overwhelming, exhausting, eye-opening, challenging, stressful, intuitive, and above all inspiring.  I am truly three more blinks away from falling into a deep coma-of -a-sleep. Today seemed as though it never quite finished, but now that is at its end I am glad it was that fast pace of day...because I am falling asleep accomplished not frantic and worried. I bet you are waiting for me to list off one by one the eventful day I had, but sadly it would turn into a grocery list instead of an epic story. Instead I will hightlight but not sugar coat the happenings of june 29/09. I started off the day with orientation on 12 street...so I walked a nice stroll this morning to get there and saw one thing that caught my eye, NO STARBUCKS the whole way...pfft. The orientation for Parsons consisted of "you are a college student, you need to do yoga, blah blah blah, and please see the immigration offices so you can return to US in future endevours." When it was over the Fashionista's in the auditorium had to take the elevator upstairs to get photo ID's...ok picture this 60 girls waiting to get pictures done...ya...GONG FREAKIN SHOW. It was positively wonderful. I finally recieved mine and it was funny because they had taken the picture so closely that all you see on my ID is well...my nose, eyes, and mouth....something to make me laugh when i'm down I figured. After the photoshoot we all had to get uptown, approximately 40 blocks....so the elvis' left the building and all headed on the subway to Parsons Design Studios. After pushing and shoving my way through the zoo...which New Yorkers call...oh what was it "Times Square" ehemm...yep that is right. We arrived at the studios. Side note, outside of the builind i was admiring a news casters glorious Chritstian Loubutin red sole shoes, when she looks at me and replys "you like." I gaze up to the 5ft11 beauty to realize it is no other then Heidi Klum...world renowned model. It was a moment for the ages let me tell you. I was starstruck and basically staring at her in astonishment. BUT whatever she is use to it. My fashion design class commenced at one...it was an amazing class and we have a brilliant down to earth teacher, who i believe thinks i have some drawing issues, which i do. By the end of class my finger was cramping and my stomach was aching. I took a cab home due to the fact that the subway was a NO WAY! I came back to my 6ft by 12ft bedroom and passed out on my bed. Woke up one hour later to the soulfull sound of my 1950's style "pay as you go phone" (it was my mother) sheesh...she really can't live without me...can't blame her. We went out for some din din and ate a very delicious plate of pasta. It was from a place called "tello?" something italian i am guessing. Alright my blog readers, i am saying Adieu, goodnight for I need catch some zzzz's to get my creative mind working. and New York....i love you

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