Today was my official day on residence...and let me tell you, it was stressful. It was a should've-stayed-home-today kinda mornings. But once I arrived on 8th and 20th I automatically sitched gears and felt reassured. The people I have met are phenomenal young men and women. I just can not wait for the people I am about to meet. I am overwhelmed with excitement, and overwhelmed with nerves. I have only discovered a small portion of this journey and have already experienced so much. My room is quaint and a horrible eggshell white but it is mine and that is what makes me love it. The view from my window showcases the many wounders of what makes New York...well New York. I see nothing but glamorous young men painted head to toe in designer duds, with corner store sized businesses packed together so tightly you swear you were looking at sardines in a tin can. But I would have to say the most extravegant sighting I have witnessed is the odd number of gay men inside a "Burrito Bar" yes, these re-fined men seem to truly love their cornbeef, salsa and tortillas! ola? I am trying to fall asleep but it is rather diffiucult being as my sweet lullaby is of ladder 12's sirens and pride parade fireworks. I take it in....nothing else you can do in the city that after all...never sleeps. 

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