Check Me Out at Express Lane 1

Sleeveless Collared Shirt Mink Pink, for Scotch&Soda, Dark Grey Cigarette Pants Oak + Fort, Bralette Urban Outfitters Online, Peep-toe Kitten Heel in Tweed Aldo Summer/Spring 2011, Tear Drop Emerald earrings and stone ring Vintage.

I wore this little get-up out on the town to buy groceries...I feel like everyone is entitled to look their absolute best everyday, even if it is just to impress some bulk produce and a sweet bakery. I do worn you though, the Organic Section can be quite judgemental at times. Overall the outing was a great success...I happened to come across a European flavor of the week ...some delicious Greek Yogurt. After checking it out and I ended up taking it home with me (so the outfit did me justice.) Oikos Honey will be comforting me tonight, along with a side of blueberries, as I cuddle up in my bed and watch seductive re-runs of the Vampire Diaries. MMM...delicious.