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WARNING: Viewer Discretion Is Advised
Hello June 16....it was exactly one month today you turned my whole life upside down and fallowed with a punch through my heart. I worn all of you out there...she is quite the little home wrecker. Not only did she kick me out of my perfectly good loft on 5th street, she continued the humiliation by bitch slapping me straight out of a job (which made me quite the substantial income). Then the two faced whore decides to hit me while I'm down by sucker punching me with a vague explanation about my long term boyfriend leaving me. It was as simple as he "no longer was IN love with me" *oh but don't worry she finished the statement with "he still thinks you're hot, still wanna be friends?"...what a lovely little cunt she is. June 16...thanks for ruining my perfectly comfortable life. I no longer consider you a yearly acquaintance, a date for the day, you no longer have a place in my life...I will forget you ever existed..until next year that is.