Countdown Begins

It was a splendid weekend, filled with fine dinning, drinking, shopping couture, and meeting fabulously important people. So I say "fine dinning" I mean to say Campus Cafeteria Food, and by "drinking" I mean Starbucks Caffeine. "shopping couture" what I mean is actually just plain old shopping and by "fabulously important people" I mean Starbucks employees. I just thought I would make my not-so-eventful weekend sound a little more intriguing. Not to say I didn't have a busy weekend... in fact! I had a VERY busy weekend. It was after all my very last weekend in the Big Apple, so it only stood to reason that I should jam-pack my Saturday Sunday. Basically it was a long weekend squeezed into a normal every-week weekend...? Make sense...kinda? sorta? maybe? Well if you do not understand then you obviously haven't had the great privilege of reading my blogs ahemm...before, anyways! You know something? I think it is this city! I feel like I have to do everything flipping twice as fast, or twice as much, or twice as early. For example, I get up twice as early as I normally would during Summer, it takes me twice as long to finish my homework, twice as long to get to school, I have to work twice as hard in class, and I walk and speak twice as fast as I normally do! I can barely keep up, I have no idea how you do it reading these blogs! Good on ya....OK so I'm apparently Australian now? So anyways, in short, this weekend was one thing after the other, and the other after another..and yes that is exactly what I mean. The best part of today's excursion was that I had the great pleasure of seeing how enchanting this city can look during the day. I am rarely outside during school the peak of the day is always hidden from my sight. Not today though, no surrey-bob! I had a clear view of the hidden treasure inside New York. The secret treasure buried in the heart of NY...Central Park. And yes! I actually had time to subway myself all the way uptown to Central Park! It was short and sweet, but long overdue and well worth the visit. I soaked up a couple rays, checked out a few lads, and had just enough time to slip a quickie Starbucks before heading back downtown. I am now in my dorms, in isolation, brainstorming for my final project. This weeks theme is "Women Icons." So I have chosen...wait for it....get ready....ahemm....BARBIE! Alright, I am going to give you a minute or two to comprehend and take it in.....................................Ooook so no joke folks, Barbie is my inspiration. Yes, barbie, pink, big hair, big head and all! This collection of designs is going to be fun, flirty, sophisticated, and very well composed. The final product shall blow my fellow peers out of their artsy farsty water. So I will keep you posted on my final days, and final endeavors in NYC over the course of these five days. I say goodnight.  

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