I Always See A Silver Lining

Today. Hmm...today was? it was....? well today was painfully long. There is no sugar coating in fashion, just straight forward and blunt. So yes, today was PAINFULLY long. It was a successful and accomplishing do not get me wrong, but Argh

OK so you know the best part about this city? the fact that if your alarm doesn't wake you up DON"T WORRY....something else will! All I here is a 600ft subway train, mixed with an obnoxious pedestrian yelling and a side of a yellow taxi honking his horn 'out of politeness' (oh ya there is a difference). SO! This morning I woke up at approximately 6:05, greaaaat...where at this point the imprint of  my body was embedded in my so called "mattress" (I actually named it 'my cement box'). Side note here, there really is no comfort level of my mattress, it is simply there to make the 2ft by 6ft metal frame "look" like a bed. I woke up with my headphones still plastered in my ears and my phone basically glued to the palm of my hand. From an outside look, you'd think I had some issues. I took a nice shower, a calming shower, it is the ONLY place in New York City where silence exists, a place where NO ONE can shout in your ear, or bump you on your right rib and act like YOU weren't supposed to be on the street, let alone be in their way. So in a nutshell, shower equals serenity. I took the E-train today, where a young man decided grabbing my ass would be part of his daily routine, ahem...daily routine my ass! (no pun intended).  Let me tell you, after I made sure everyone on the subway knew of this crude behaviour, he got some gruesome looks from most and a couple "what the hells" from some nice Parson boys. See...a girl CAN handle herself. Needless to say I won't be taking the E-train anymore...JUST the C-train, C people are much more classy then E people. School was...well it was school, not much to say other then it was educational and a tad blah at times. 
After school was eventful though, I took the 1 train to The New School to research for our up and coming "Opposite Designer" project, then BACK to Uptown by C-train an hour later to get swatches of fabric at "Mood". I then went back to 20th street around 7. I ended up going to Radioshack to purchase a "micro dual pro" memory card for my camera, which was long over due. I continued to head home, but was stopped abruptly by my stomach and a grocery store to my right (literally right outside my dorm.) So I resisted the urge to return home to my "luxurious bed" and cubicle of a room, and decided to do something adult....dun dun daaa...BUY GROCERIES! AH! So at about twenty-to-eight I was FINALLY in the comfort of my room. Ready to do my homework and bask in the atmosphere of New York City. And that is what a normal day in Manhattan consists of, for the life a Parsons student at least. So today may have been uncomfortably long but I got to experience...I got to experience real, overwhelming, hectic, ibuprofen popping, sore Achilles tendons LIFE. 


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