lessons, americans are strange and I love "Sex and the City"

"Happy 4 of July everyone! It is a sunny 80 degrees and ya'll better be celebrating the holiday ya here" quoted by ALL AMERICANS...well I have one thing to say, America is strange. "So do you live in the Canada above Washington, or the Canada above New York?" OK side note! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN. Anyways, I can not tell you how many times I have been in a circumstance where this question has evolved. Americans are strange. Oh and sorry about the delayed response, I have been up to my ears in research and homework. The past three days have been ridiculous.  I basically run around aimlessly looking for 5 Ave and 42 street, or 11 Ave and 75 street....that is what I do in a day, HOPE that I can make it across the city and back before things close! I look like a chicken who has been decapitated, but still wired from the overdose of caffiene injections. If you are not fallowing, picture this, you are standing on a sidewalk waiting for the little bright walk man to give the "go" cue. When SUDDENLY a young teenager zooms past you with a bag twice her size. It consists of drawings and sketch paper, but filling more then half the bag is empty stabucks cups. You can't quite make out what she is saying but it is something along the lines of "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..SHIIIIIIITTT" Yep that is exactly what I do everyday after school...scream then run. Thursday night was the best though, I finished school at 4 and headed towards the New York City Library. The assignment was to choose an era from 1910's to the 1970's, I choose 70's, and sketch a collection (aka draw a clothing line based off the 1970's and make it present looking.) I went to the library to research. I had to walk 10 blocks, which by the way is a half hour walk, BACK to the fabric store "Mood" and grab swatches for my line. I got back to my dorm at 6:30ish. Then...yes THEN I began my homework, I had to finish 20 drawings of my line, needless to say I was up until 2 am drawing. 2 was pretty early, the other two nights were 3! BUT it payed off, because he actually really liked what I had designed and he LOVED my fabrics, said I had a real "niche" for fabrics? sounds pretty damn good to me. Yesterday after I had my three cups of caffeine...I felt revived! I went to SOHO and just sat by the peer, it is beautiful. For once in this city I felt like I could just breathe. I sat for almost an hour just listening and watching, I forgot what it felt like to just relax...to enjoy. After my new found feeling I had a real feel for NY, so I decided to whip out some "Sex and the City Movie," man I love that show. I realized this weeks lesson was to really discover the life and world of NY..I think I accomplished that task. SO! it is the weekend and I am just sitting with a coffee and bagel, people watching in a quaint coffee shop around the corner of my dorm, you may have heard of it? Starbucks? well if not, you should check it out...it is odd, there is one on EVERY corner. Luxury! Anyways, I say adieu and I am off to discover something new. As always keeping you posted on the life and style of Carly Bradshaw.

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