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Roommate`\, n. One of two or more occupying the same room or rooms; one who shares the occupancy of a room or rooms; a chum. 


A person who is assigned to share or shares a room or apartment with another or others.

All right...so as you can see roommate is a word that means something along the lines of sharing and respecting. Well it is funny because apparently my roommates didn't get the memo on proper roommate "etiquette", if you will. Unless you consider coming back to the dorms at 12, drunk off tequila then playing Top 40 hits at a level that broke sound barriers proper etiquette, stop me now! Seriously people, and pardon my French, JESUS CHRIST! I just cannot comprehend the audacity of these girls. It was Saturday when this crisis occurred, (OK yes 'crisis' may seem strong, BUT I'm sorry, my sleep is MY SLEEP). Continuing...my roommates continued to party all nonchalantly until the wee hours of 5:30! ALL RIGHT! 1 is fine, 2 is pushing it, 3 is annoying, 4 is ridiculous, and 5!! 5 is just plain rude, or should I say, just plain AMERICAN! And no word of a lie, I heard the last dorm door SLAM at 6:02AM...yep...at that point I believe my pillow had eaten a couple swear words. Needless to say I woke up in a very, very agitated state. So for future endeavors I have wrote myself a mental note "NEVER HAVE ROOMMATES...or at least make sure their favorite music is classical." On Sunday I woke up nice and early so I decided to make a negative day positive! I moved ALL my furniture...and yes my furniture is ALL wood and ALL VERY heavy, so it made some...you could say noise? Ahem...yes karma is a bitch ladies and gentlemen...what goes around comes around my friends. I blasted my music, opened my door and moved all my furniture. And to my utmost surprise! Within ten minutes of my re-decorating, my lovely hung-over roommates came tumbling out of their rooms. I smiled and said "good morning."Ah...it was a great. 

 I took the subway later in the day to times square 42nd street to get some swatches of fabric for my sketches. After the subway ride and the walk...it was closed! So I walked another twenty blocks to the New York City Library to research, but after the walk....the revolving doors read "closed"!!! THEN I decided, oh well I will take the subway to Parsons School on 6 ave and 13th street to print things off, but after the subway ride...it was CLOSED! Neither the less I gave up after 2 hours of disappointment and headed back to 8th ave and 20th street. As I approached 7th ave I realized I needed to pick up "Marker Paper " for Fashion Drawing class...SO! I made a U-turn and walked towards 4 ave and 13th street. Crossing my fingers the entire walk, praying it would be open! About twenty minutes later I arrived and....YES! Voila it was open pour moi! 


 Today did not seem as though it was a Monday, but that confusion was clarified when classes commenced (whoa alliteration much?) It was definitely crunch time. I felt more confident today then I have other days though, I was confident in my work and confident in my designs. After school I went to immigration, and listen to this story, it is a good one. Apparently I am NON-existent in the US. I was never issued as entering the US as a student, only as a tourist. So Parsons cannot let ISS know I have arrived because I technically never "entered." So...I may have issues re-entering the states for school in the future due to customs mistake, not mine. I do like it here though, I would come back for school, not right away but I feel I will. I do miss certain things about home... I miss my bed, the comfort of my home, the quit surroundings at night, and knowing I can just talk to my mom. But I know I need this excitement and uniform schedule. I need the excitement to understand what more is out there, beyond the city limits of Edmonton; I need the routine to gain discipline and independence. I am trying so hard to be all that I can, meet people without gossiping, learn about the city but not get caught up in it, be safe but not paranoid, work hard but not over-work, have fun but not slack off, take in but still live. I am trying. I am trying because I know I have something to offer, something that someone will see. The something that I see. I am here because I want to experience life. Too cliché? I say cliché fits.




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