Life is to Live

So...I am in this city for nine more days, nine more days and I will have lived in New York for one month. Four whole weeks and three days. I have officially travelled away from home, gone to school, and lived on my own...and all before my nineteenth birthday. I am eighteen years of age and I have experienced more then most people my age and even some people twice my age! I am the ripe age of eighteen and I feel as though I have lived...what kind of teen gets to just say that? Just be able to say it, and it be true? Not very many in my world, I don't know about yours. This place has opened my eyes to see every angle of what life could teach me if I let myself discover. I just know now that there is so much more out there then what I grew up around. There is a world waiting to be unlocked, and I hold the key. Kids who know nothing but the square root of pi, every chemical compound, and how to write a proper thesis statement, don't really get the explore past concrete walls of a school...I mean why be taught it when you can live it? And let me enlighten you, "living it"....without a doubt the better option. I believe in living life to its full potential, look past all the obstacles and let yourself take on an adventure. Lfe is scary, thrilling, exciting, hectic, stressful, accomplishing, funny, and above all...yours. So make it good, make it worth living. This journey has made me want to live not just learn, so in nine days I say goodbye to New York and hello to the world. 

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