Two Down, Two To Go

It is said that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"....I have to come to find, that it is very true. Very true indeed. I miss the quiet, yet gossip filled streets of ADA Blvd., my front porch that holds unforgettable memories,  my bed that is always there to comfort me when times are at their worst...but most of all I miss (which I have the privilege of calling) my family. My voice box has not reached an octave passed "content" in weeks. I have not yelled! patience is wearing thin. Let me tell you, it is not the "thin" that most endure. Therefore; I have found my inner zen...yes that is a quote for the books "Carly has found her inner zen." Now let me explain this so-called "zen". If I were to look to my right this very instance I would see the city streets, and every  minute on the minute a subway drives by, rumbling the floor beneath me. As well as the lovely transit system creating a harmonious noise, there would be five truck drivers shouting outside the window. They parked their large gas-guzzling machines on the sidewalk below and unpacked their equipment to may be thinking cool...well I'm thinking "there goes my sleep." And to my left!  There would be the wondrous world of nineteen year old chaos, they scream and shout ladies and gentlemen and best of all they screech. My personal favorite is the Screech, because when you least expect it to happen OH! POOF! your heartbeat triples in beats per minute and your eardrum is shot.I personally really love it. As this occurs, I simply close my eyes and envision the streets of ADA Blvd, the solitude of my porch, the comfort of my bed, and my definitely helps. I found my own personal antibiotic to this new NY "swine" virus. As a side note..the usual anecdote would be the soulful sounds of Apples glorious invention the ipod BUT due to a severe washing machine incident this past Sunday, I am sad to say that... "ipod" is no more. 

In lighter news, school is sailing smoother then ever and the horizon looks calm and clear, there will be a bit of waves and slight winds but nothing severe. I have set sail and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful rest of the journey. It is the start of a fresh week....I can already smell the coffee that is brewing for me to drink tomorrow morning. It is going to be strong, it is going to be dark, and it is going to be Starbucks. Goodnight NY...I love you?


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