I'd Like to Make A Toast

I am going to dedicate this blog to the people of New York City, for teaching me what it really means to be a "New Yorker." Ever notice how "New Yorker" is always described in the sense that they are their own race. You can be African, American, Asian, German, or Canadian...BUT if you live in the Big Apple you are considered a "New Yorker"....just a thought. Anyways, the citizens of New York have taught many of things, such as when the appropriate time to say you are sorry and when to not. For example, say you hit someone on the subway, always say 'sorry', but DO NOT expect a response. However, if you were to hit someone on the street NEVER say you are sorry, because no one expects you to. New Yorkers have also educated me on avoiding annoying 'City Tour Guide' pamphlets during the morning work rush....and don't even get me started on the tourist rush hours. I have also gained immense knowledge in the proper technique to hailing a cab when in dire need, that has been a saviour in this city. I would also like to thank them for teaching me about cocky confidence, I believe this should be the most fitting motto for all New Yorkers ahem...alright here it is,"walk around like your shit don't stink, and you'll fit right in" simple, to the point, and boy does it work wonders. Let me tell you, in New York City, those are words to live by. 
Moving on to the main event...today! It was an early start, a fine five fifty five am start (alliteration makes everything sound better). I was literally up at the crack of dawn, I think...I think, I could actually hear my own thoughts, but then a 65 year old man unlocked and wrangled the door to his store wide open...and my thoughts were lost in the New York bustle. I had a minor yet major project due today, so I decided an early start was extremely necessary, and no surprise I was extremely correct.  I am always early for Terrance class though...it makes me start my day off on a positive note, a note that would be classified as B sharp! haha oh I am just too darn witty for my own good. 
Tomorrow I will be contacting a Micheal Kaye (a very well known Canadian designer) on my telephone. When I dial I will hopefully recover fast enough from my starstruck behaviour to talk to him about the ups and downs of fashion designing, and to hear all about his hectic and successful life in NYC. He recently moved to New York and has a studio in Chelsea I believe, which conveniently is near my dorms...coincidence? So wish me luck in my endeavours.

This blog is to New York...the city where dreams become a reality. 

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