Tonight was my final night in the big apple...the city that I love. My stay in Manhattan has had its goods, its greats, its bads, and its uglies...but it all has taught me to be a strong minded, and strong hearted young girl. I definitely have become a strong individual since my first day in NYC. The grit and roughness of the city gave me a strong backbone, the fast-pace and hectic atmosphere has given me quick wit, the fact that I am living alone has forced me to gain patience, and the thirst for stardom by every student caused me to gain perseverance.  I have discovered a new me, I have discovered what seems to be....myself. A stronger, wiser, more mature, and driven self. I become apart of something here, something I will never forget and will always cherish. I met some incredible individuals, many talented artists, and people from almost every continent in the world. There is a Korean from Vietnam, a French from Turkey, two young girls from Sweden, another from Brazil, one from Venice, three from Columbia, many from the states, and a few (personally my favorites) from Canada. I lived in a city that is home to every ethnicity. I lived with every culture. I discovered a world inside a 12km by 3km city. Who gets to say that? well... I do. So now I get to TRAVEL the world (due to the numerous free-housing deals, thanks to my new-found-friends across the globe.) The To-Do-Before-I-Die list involves sipping tea in London, shopping in Milan, saying "bonjour" to everyone in Paris, tanning in Brazil, eating in Italy, jumping off an ocean cliff  in Greece, surfing in Australia, going on a safari in Africa, and just living. I can however already check off one of the To-Do-Before-I-Dies', "Live in New York City." I can check it off....but I will never remove it from my list, for it it doesn't say Live in New York City ONCE! I will be back, I will be back and I can not wait. I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of everyday New York life, I am going to miss my E-train Subway, my Grande soy Cinnamon Dolce latte, Peter at Parsons Security, my worldly friends, and my 20th street dorm....I am going to miss my second life. I was scared of this trip, but I endured the journey and I fined myself loving the final destination. I look outside and I can barely see the concrete with the blanketing of yellow cabs, buildings that have 24 hour restaurants beside 24 hour flower shops, red lights that seem to mean "go" and men dressed in spandex and XXS white t-shirts while holding a chiwawa in one hand a fellow man's hand in the other. This city is a concrete jungle. I will miss it and I will miss the life I have made. It is time for a new chapter in my life. New York wrote the beginning, but now it is time for the climax. It has been a pleasure writing these blogs, so I say for a final time....New York....I really do love you. 


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