Mixing it Up

It is going to be a little different today, instead of my usual entries about my New York endeavors, it is going to be of things I want to experience. Basically I am going to make a list of things I wish to do and see before I depart this fair city.4
1)Take a picture with the naked guitar-playing-honkytonk in the heart or Times Square
2)Take a walk in the park, the central one
3) Make a deal with a small Chinese women for a "couture" purse
4) Be a tourist for approximately five minutes and purchase the ever-so-popular "I <3>
5) Walk on the marble floors of the MET
6) Get a 10 dollar manicure in quiet downtown Chelsea
7) Walk the steps that Carrie Bradshaw walked everyday for ten years
8) Eat the Starbucks of ice cream, "Pinkberry?" ice cream, apparently according to EVERYONE, I am missing out.
9) Take a late-night stroll down Times Square
10) and lastly... say a proper farewell to my first real love...New York.

I wish to check off these New York Must-DO's before I leave.
I will check off my top ten New York Must-DO's before I go....you know something? I don't think I want to go. I do...but I don't..well?...you know what! let us just say I will be back...ahemm...in the near ahh? future? yes very NEAR future!
Tomorrow will be a bigger better blog night, tonight was just..ahh? To the point! You see
the cold-and-sinus medications I took prior to this blog kicked in about five minutes ago, needless to say, I am about to pass out.
So my sign off tonight is a big long and tired yawn.

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