The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Apple

So today was different then most days. It was a regular morning, I got up at the ripe hour of 6 am (p.s I got a solid 6 hours of sleep last night! I feel renewed and refreshed...definitely needed the rest). It was quite chilly today, I stepped out the front doors of 20th street dormitories no later then 7:30. I felt an immediate rush of shivers run down my spine, and even the smallest of hairs on my arms stood up...I got the goosebumps don't'cha know. Well that right there was enough for me to turn around and head back the direction I had just came from. I went back into the lobby, swiped my ID, headed up the elevator to the third floor and grabbed my jacket...yep I said flipping jacket. I did get to class relatively early though, well okay scratch "relatively" and replace with ah...'REALLY.' Yeppers, eight on the dot...meaning class starts in oh let us hour give or take a few minutes. So instead of waisting my time just sitting in silence I made friends with the lovely security guard of Parsons New School, Peter. A very well known man throughout the school, and who might I add, said I am one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen...that sparked a wonderful start to my Thursday. I spoke with the man for about ten minutes about the rare privilege I had to spend my summer abroad. He laughed when I told him I was from up north, but most Americans do...I am usually stereotyped as a Californian, hmm...alright? Well then I figure I should start talking more along the lines of this, ahem "Soo like, I love Prada, Gucci, and Chanel, OMG like sooooo gorgeous...lets like freakin go to the beach bitchezz." It hurts to even type that language. Continuing my day, I headed to class around eight thirty to get a early start to class, it is always "better to be ahead of schedule then behind and regrettable." (like it? I most certainly designed that quote myself.) Since I was first to arrive Terrance (our professor) asked to see my homework assigned from the previous day. The task was to take your assigned designer and deconstruct the styles and motifs of that artist. He first rummaged through my fabrics, and then the notes I had conjured up about my designer. He had an agreeable smile. In conclusion to his thoughts, he said my collection was beautiful and that I had knack for refined, tasteful, and expense fabrics. Basically I have expensive taste and a strong understanding of fabrics.  I ended up leaving to refill myself with a cup a Joe, and while walking a ran into the boy in my Designs Concept class...he hadn't done his homework. So being the Canadian I am, I was compassionate. I went to the fabrics store with him and picked out swatches...needless to say Terrance LOVED his color scheme, thanks to yours truly. I did get credit, don't worry this boy is a maple leafer, so he does have Canadian blood in'em and he told Terrance of the help I had given him. Our class was tousled and turned a bit today, for we had a draping class instead of Design was definitely meticulous and intricate work. Carly not so mucha likey. I did however see Tim Gunn from the ever so popular "Project Runway" so that created a whole knew outlook for me towards draping. The rest of the day was like the weather, unpredictable. I ended up with no homework!...ah ya you heard me! NO HOMEWORK! oh my goodness gracious, I went back to 20th street and guess what this lil'new yorker did? NOTHING. I just enjoyed for once, the fact that I am in one of the most amazing cities in the world, a place where stardom is made, fashion is created, tourists get lost, and where men are 87% gay...a place that I get to live in. xoxo

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